Data Privacy And Ethics

The emergence of online marketing brings new privacy concerns. Marketing researchers can add value to the public policy discussion on privacy by adhering to the ethical collection, storage and dissemination of customer data. In this article, we unpack the importance of data privacy and the ethical use of contact records. Database Marketing 

Developing Customer Relationships Through Data

Companies can achieve many benefits by strengthening their relationships with the customers they already have. By improving customer data, organisations can deliver improved and personalised marketing content. Database 

The Future of Marketing Data Analytics

To turn data into above-market growth, digital marketers must succeed in identifying valuable business opportunities by utilising analytics, turning those insights into well-designed products and offers, and delivering those products to the marketplace as effectively as possible. But the marketing landscape is changing. It is being shaped by government legislation and changing consumer behaviour. In this […]

Data Compliance & Legislation

Data compliance regulations compel companies to improve their data security standards and practices, to prevent breaches from occurring and their customers’ sensitive data from being exposed, stolen, or corrupted.  POPIA 

Data Privacy and building trust within your audience

There is a thin line that marketers tread on when utilising databases in their marketing efforts. Above and beyond the ethical use of data, marketers often turn a blind eye to the legal aspect of things. This alone has the ability to shatter a potential lead’s trust in a product, brand or service from the […]